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Boten, Laos. Chinese border. Dec 2012.


“The international portal of Kunming – Bangkok pan-asian point. The capital of foreign trade and business.”
Or, if you prefer, “Boten specific economic development zone.”
This and many more are the slogans on the “Beautiful Boten” brochure.

21 sq. km in Lao territory but currency, workers, language and customers from China.
Boten – Lao – was supposed to be a strategic hub, the China’s gateway to south-east Asia.
Actually, for a short period, it was the mecca of vice, where anything was possible: casinos, prostitution, duty free.
After considerable investments, with casinos and brothels also came across a series of related problems that imposed a general shut down.
Gambling is prohibited in China (with the exception of Macau) and the northern Lao is a very poor area: no chinese tourists mean no business.
With a couple of hotel still open and no costumers Boten is today a ghost town.

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