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Boten, Laos. Chinese border. Dec 2012.

Beautiful Boten | casino ghost town | boten • lao

  “The international portal of Kunming – Bangkok pan-asian point. The capital of foreign trade and business.” Or, if you prefer, “Boten specific economic development zone.” This and many more are the slogans on the “Beautiful Boten” brochure. 21 sq. km in Lao territory but currency, workers, language and customers from China. Boten – Lao […]


Lao Art Media | vientiane • lao

  Vientiane, Lao. 2011. A president graduated from Film School in Kiev, pop star-actors-student and international directors-operators. The national television offers old features and a lot of propaganda that translate into poor audience, also because of the ability of viewers to watch the Thai television, much more “modern” and interesting. All the television productions are […]